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Our Journey beginning to now

When I was a kid we raised rabbits for meat. It was a healthy meat source that we raised and butchered ourselves. I wanted to be able to do the same for me and my family. In July 2016 we started looking around for rabbits in our area and that’s when we found our first breeding buck we named Max. But the breeder didn’t have any Does that were unrelated so I started searching for a doe on craigslist. I found a breeder who had his rabbits in a colony type setup. I contacted him and we set up a time to pick up a rabbit. I chose a red doe that was more of a mutt and we named her Ruby. She is part lionhead and who knows what else. She quickly became a loved member of the family. When we would go out to feed her and check on her she would come to the door. When we stuck our hand in the cage she would lick us. If you know anything about rabbits, a rabbit licking you is the highest form of affection a rabbit can give. The breeder told me she was probably bred because she was in a colony setup.…

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